Installing Barca with a e-mail account.

Click on "Tools"->"Account Setup..."


Click on "New Account"

Account display name: Enter a name for the account for example your e-mail address.
Check the box for "POP account". Then click "Next".

Pic 4
Name: Enter the name you want to appear when a recipient receives your email. 
E-mail: Enter your e-mail address
Incoming Server: Enter yor pop3 server
Example: Let us say that your domain name is Then you should fill in
Example2: If your emailaddress is fill in
Username: Enter your e-mail address
Password: Enter the password for your e-mail address.
Outgoing server:
Check the box for "Use same username/password for Outgoing server".

Pic 5
Click on the tab "Outgoing". Set "Outgoing server port number" to 2525

Pic 6
Click on the tab "Incoming". Here you can change mailsettings for the incoming server. For example if you check the box "Leave Mail on Server" the program will download the mails and also leave the mail on the server.
Click the "OK" button. The account setting are now done.